Sanctuary Body Work

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Massage therapy

This is a light and relaxing massage that utilizes long, flowing strokes, often but not necessarily in the direction of the heart. This soothing massage and gentle touch takes you to a new level of stress reduction.

$85 per hour

Chair Massage: Is a fully clothed massage that has great health benefits. The massage therapist uses techniques that focus on the upper part of the body- neck, shoulders, back, and arms. This can be done in the office, at a workplace, or at a special event.

Available at in ten minute intervals, $10 per block of 10 minutes

Reiki: An energy based healing modality.

$85 per hour

Crystal Reiki 

$85 per hour

Certified Crystal Healing:

An energy based healing modality using quartz crystals minerals, and gemstones

$85 per hour


Hand $40 per half hour

Foot $40 per half hour

Hand and Foot $85 per hour